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More than nine million adults living in the United States have a significant betting habit. This habit is really serious enough to classify them as “problem betters”. This habit has taken about serious difficulties to the individual, his or family and the community at large and interesting in it is not a good idea. Problems linked to relationships may leave engaging in betting. This is so as it takes someone’s free time leaving him or her preoccupied. Problem betting has many consequences. These issues include financial hardship, domestic hardship, kids with low self esteem and resentment among other conditions.
Challenges of Betters
Problem betters generally face financial challenges as a result of continuous betting aiming at overcoming losses or catching a big win. According to Help Guide website, it is evident that some do so to impress their family and friends and also to justify the habit. Once the better exhausts his / her money, he may then manage the family finances to continue with his or habit. In order to continue betting, the bettor may sell his / her possession, borrow funds from buddies, relatives and co-workers, require salary advances, borrows loans from bank. In other situation, the gamblers engages in criminal activities or rob money from their spouses and children to finance their betting habit.
As per the United States department of Agriculture, over 90 percent of betting fans commit felonies to aid their habits. They also commit crimes to repay loans and bills that originate from multiple loses in betting. This department still indicates that these betting crimes are generally money related. They include, theft, embezzlement of funds, forgery of cash as well as bank cheques and tax evasion among others.
Recent research shows that problem betting may become a coercion so that the gamblers cant despair in betting whatever the fact that it is causing in problems in their private, social and career. Anybody involved in betting feels dependent not only to rush to successful but also the possiblity to gamble again make up for the previous losses. As a result, she or he may cause a preoccupation which can cause negligence of work duties, friendships and even family duties.
There is also a high chance for the victim of problem betting destruction. About Eighty percent of people of the victims consider committing suicide. This is according to the department of Agriculture in the United States. Most of these suicidal thoughts emerge as a result of hopelessness that comes from destroyed career, ruined relationship, family problems or accumulated debts. If someone has indicated thoughts of suicide as a result of problem betting, it is strongly advised that the victim should be taken to get assistance from a mental medical expert or even an organization that assists gambler addicts to restore. Such organizations include Gamblers Anonymous. The organization will establish a treatment for the gambler and there's high possibility that he or she will recover and stop the betting habit.

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